Today's Workout: 071714

photo by Robin Cooper.

Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5
Then, AMRAP in 15:00
Run 200m
Dots Drill x 1
Ninja Walk 25 steps
Over the Wall x 2
Suspended Net Traverse
Army Crawl 60′
Ring-Ring-Rope-Ring-Ring transition (2x)
Post total rounds to chalkboard.
After a long week with a lot of localized fatigue and anaerobic exercise, we’re going to focus on agility today.
The 200m run will be an aerobic ‘break,’ and we’ll use a staggered start of :30 seconds.
The obstacle course will contain a lot of footwork, but also some midline stabilization and grip (of course.) It will be fun. You’ll get sweaty.