Today's Workout: 072715

Bench press 1-1-1-1-1
7min AMRAP: Burpees
Today on the site, you’ll find a ton of videos, articles and pictures of the Fittest on Earth. You can watch all the best CrossFitters in the world–Davidsdottir, Ben Smith, Froning, and the top from every age category. You can see them. And they can see YOU.
If you’ve done the Open before, you’re also on that site. Look up your previous scores.
Test yourself. This is one of the simplest workouts (and hardest) from previous CrossFit Games Open events. Look up your previous score on, and beat the “old” you!
The best part about CrossFit is that we’re a participatory audience. Games crowds are the fittest spectators on earth, and everyone watching knows exactly what the rower feels like when you’re tired. We do these things not to escape, but to prevent life from escaping us. Don’t miss this workout.