Today's Workout: 080113

Skill: KB Snatch
Hang Power Snatch 2-2-2-1-1-1
10 Power Cleans (135/95)
Carry a log around the cones
9 Power Cleans
Carry the log
8 Power Cleans

1 Power Clean
Carry the log
…for time.
Above is one of the eighteen-year-olds who competed in the Varsity division last weekend. Like Shea, he did a burpee ladder mixed with jumps onto a plate, then pullups, and then muscle-ups. In all, he completed 93 burpees in ten minutes (plus 25 pullups and 18 muscle-ups.)
Fifteen minutes later, he was given nine minutes to hit a max clean. His progression was something like 225, 255, 275, 295, 305, 315(f),315(f),315(f.) He caught every clean, but couldn’t stand up with 315lbs.
We read a lot about ‘strength being the foundation’ and ‘just get strong.’ This kid isn’t on a strength program. He’s not on a weightlifting cycle. He’s not in a bulking phase. To quote him, “I just do CrossFit.” The best part: though he won the event, he wasn’t a far-gone standout. Second place was a 295 clean, and seven kids hit hit 255lbs or more.
What’s their secret? Technique. When they miss a weight, they miss well. Their hips reach the bar, their arms come around, their backs stay flat. When they catch the weight, it’s poetry. How often do we see strength coupled with poor technique? How far will that take the lifter: to the next level, or just the next plateau…or the next injury?
Back off. Refocus. Catch 135 perfectly, over and over again. Then add 5lbs, and catch it perfectly over and over again. Make it beautiful, then make it heavier.
Virtuosity, by Greg Glassman.