Today's Workout: 081013

Today at 10am: Run To Cure FOP at the Bondar Pavilion.
9am Group:
Teams of Two
Shuttle Run – 5x through each
Then, Buckles Complex:
6 reps Dead Lift, then 6 x Power Clean, then 6 x Push Jerk, then 6 x Back Squat = 1 set.
Do one set at 75#, then 85#, then 95#, then 105# each, alternating partners.
Congrats to Coach Cam on getting hitched on Thursday, and Brent Rose on his big day today! Woot!
That girl doing pullups? That’s Miranda Mayhew (and her daughter-to-be, inside.) Miranda’s doing more workouts than you, carrying a nearly full-term baby. On September 7, she’ll be back at the Bondar Pavilion for the Catalyst Games. You should too. The registration deadline is almost here!