Today's Workout: 091514

Cooper on speakerphone, judges calibrating their watches at the start of Event 1.

Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5
Wall Ball / Toes-to-Bar Ladder:
1 each / 2 each / 3 each / 4 each…continuing as far as possible in 12:00.
10 mins core work.
Thanks to everyone who volunteered yesterday. It’s not easy to give up 12 hours of your Sunday, but if you’re going to do it this is the best possible reason. Many PRs, a ton of cheering, and zero injuries. I’m inspired to train even harder, and many others said the same thing. Mission accomplished. Well done, athletes! Thanks, volunteers!
Andreane will have tons of pictures (she was already in the thousands when she posted this beauty last night.)