Today's Workout: 101713

Clean 80% every 30 seconds for 10:00.
21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips
The Good Game.
In the clean, the limiting factor is rarely muscular strength, but power: the ability to recruit as much muscle fibre as possible, in the correct sequence, as fast as possible. We call this Rate of Force Development: how fast can you ramp up, from slow-twitch to fast-twitch? How fast can you do it in sequence?
You’ll probably sweat during that ten minutes, but your muscles won’t feel tired. However, the CNS fatigue – your Central Nervous System – will be your limiting factor. If you can’t recruit RFD on little rest, you’ll miss reps. The CNS requires more rest than your muscles do, and thus does 21 reps over 10 minutes become a significant challenge.
A CrossFitter works at a higher % of max for more reps than a weightlifter would; this would be an impossible workout for an elite powerlifter or OLY lifter.
Finally, the mind is primary: if you’re not focused, the bar will stay down.
In ‘J.T.,’ we’re after a very specific, localized metabolic fatigue. Some of our workouts are primarily aerobic – they leave you panting. In this one, you’ll have so much metabolic waste, like lactic acid, piling up in one area that you’ll struggle to clear it. That will be your limiting factor: you won’t feel out of breath today, but your arms will hurt. Roll out afterward.