Today's Workout: 102513

“The Eagle”
8 Dumbbell Front Squats
Farmers’ Walk 20m (don’t drop the dumbbells)
8 rounds for completion.
Choose a weight that you can use for 8 rounds unbroken.
Then: 20 minutes of mobility.
Looking for the BIG Mobility Day? Sunday morning at 9am. We call it Sunday Morning Salvation. You need it.
‘The Eagle’ is one Dan John’s many simple workouts. John was a CrossFit advocate in the early days, and when his ideas hit the mainstream in the early 1990s, they were pretty novel. What kind of ‘pump’ could you get from a single bar, or a kettlebell, or a sandbag? This was how the fitness consumer thought until the early 2000s, but John went against the flow. The slosh pipe at Catalyst was his idea. His latest book, Intervention, is a favourite for more than one of our coaches, and his Get Up! newsletter is always good.
We look back on his ‘conditioning’ workouts now as…well, not as hard as CrossFit. But John’s real gift has always been programming mental challenges. In “The Eagle,” your brain will be ready to quit long before your grip gives out.
He’s a spiritual person, a great coach, and a mentor to dozens of strength coaches and gym owners.
On that note, CrossFit approved its 8,000th Affiliate yesterday. We’re cool like that.