Today's Workout: 110813

Split Snatch 10 x 1
Overhead Squat (95/65) x 10
50 double-unders
3 rounds for time.
Then: 15 minutes of mobility.
Carolle’s Sunday Morning Salvation class is growing! Same benefits as yoga, but targeted for CrossFitters (our needs differ both in type and degree. Doing yoga for mobility is like doing running for weight loss: it’s effective, and sometimes fun, but we can do better.) Learn to do stretching, self-massage, and soft tissue manipulation with a softball or foam roller. Take the lessons home with you. As Boo said after last Sunday: “This is the best I’ve felt in YEARS!”
Why split snatch (and split clean yesterday?) Constant variance is one reason, but the other is to approach a common movement problem from a new direction. New Catalyst family members are taught how to bring their hips close to the bar in OnRamp, and we reinforce the movement at every CrossFit group. But longtime vets (like me) may have some bad habits that are deeply entrenched; namely, that the bar moves away from our hips after passing the knee, or bounces off our thighs.
In a split movement, the pelvis ends in posterior pelvic tilt, instead of reversing itself mid-pull. That means less for the lifter to think about. In plainer language, your hips don’t have to stop moving toward the bar during the clean. The novelty also means more dropped bars, because your natural ‘groove’ won’t be worked in on the new movement, but your weights should be around 80% of what you’d typically use.
The OHS/double-under workout should be a sprint. Count the number of times you have to stop on double-unders; was it higher when you were tired? If so, you’ve just gained valuable insight into how you move under fatigue. When the going gets tough, refocus on doing perfect reps. Smooth is fast.