Today's Workout: 112313

Teams of Two
12:00 per couplet to get both partners through.
21,15,9 Repetitions of,
Push Jerk
Hurdle Jump
Rest 1:00
21,15,9 Repetitions of,
Kettlebell Swing
Knee to Elbow
Rest 1:00,
21,15,9 Repetitions of
Overhead Squat
You’re looking for check-marks here: if partner #1 made it through, CHECK! If partner #2 made it through, CHECK! If you’re done early, rest. One partner must finish all 21-15-9 before the other begins.
Seems easy, but each exercise has something in common: the valsalva maneuver. On everything except perhaps the kettlebell swing, you’ll have to hold your breath on every rep to brace your spine, and then play ‘catchup’ between reps. That’s going to take a toll. In this way, though, we can impose an anaerobic state and trigger a longer-term fat-burning effect, just like running a lot of intervals.
There’s also a LOT of hip flexion/extension. It’s diabolical. Thanks to Greg Amundson for the WOD!