Today's Workout: 113013

“Black Jack,” from Broward CrossFit
In teams of two, row 300m every 4th round. Both partners perform all reps.
Round 1
Pushups                         Squats (95/65)
20                                     1
19                                     2
18                                     3
17                                    4
Row 300m
16                                    5
….continuing until:
1                                       20
…for time.
Beginners use air squats.
This morning, Jess will lead the 9am group. She’s one of our new favorites: coaches who have been training with us for YEARS (over three, in Jess’ case, and almost all in a one-on-one setting) and studying with us to prepare for coaching since May. Few know it, but our coaches participate in continuing education requirements for life. Every month, they’re given a study topic at a group meeting, and they prepare new articles, videos and seminars for our members based on what they’ve learned. You’ll start to see those roll out more frequently in December. These folks are EXPERTS, and the level of coaching that we’re able to provide is among the top in North America.
We want you to be a Decemberist! Jess and our other coaches will be teaching specialty clinics in the snatch, clean and jerk, rowing and eating in December – get all the info here!