Today's Workout: 122713

Snatch 80% x 2 x 8
Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
8 Toes to bar
35 pound Dumbbell thruster, 8 reps
35 pound Dumbbell walking lunge, 12 steps
Then: 20 minutes of mobility.
Welcome back. Time to sweat out the pie, the wine, the new bad habits.
“DG” is quick, and doesn’t provide much rest. Hip flexion on the toes-to-bar will fatigue your quads a little for the thruster, transferring more stress to your hips. The lunges should be all glute/hamstring, but the quad on each leg will fire to stabilize the knee. In short, your legs won’t turn off the entire time. If you did “Murph” yesterday, this will be especially pleasant.