WOD 112609

IMG_3807  400m Walking Lunge.  For time.

Just your average amazing Tuesday night:

Catalyst Teens did a workout called, "Twins": with a partner, you split up a total of 400 squats, 400 walking lunges, 200 situps, and 200 pushups.  Good times, right?  But then they learned muscle-ups and butterfly kips.  Meanwhile, the adult CrossFit group were banging out Push Jerks like pros….

…and at 8pm, Ray rolled in, looking for a rival.  He was thinking of "Cindy."  I suggested "Angie."  He started warming up….

Meanwhile, Luc saw an opportunity to post the highest push jerk of the day, and HE started getting ready for a huge PR…..

Hanna-Liisa was hitting butterfly kip singles, and I challenged her to try to link a few.  Her mom (the Betty formerly known as MaryAnn) happened to ask about tomorrow's CrossFit WOD…..

…and then all hell broke loose.  The WOD was already posted (400m Walking Lunge.)  Anna and Nancy toyed with the idea of doing it, and I recruited Sam to hit it with them.  What's the difference between 'simple' and 'easy?'  About 300m, it turns out.  They headed off.  Luc jumped under 195lbs and nailed it like it was papier-mache.  Ray started churning out his warmups.  Hanna-Liisa started linking butterfly kips.  And then it all went into a big, frothy melee: Anna, Nancy and Sam outside, suffering; Ray pushing Angie down to her lowest limits; Luc hitting a 200 push jerk; the Littlest Lindquist grinding through butterfly kips.  Just your average Tuesday…..