Catalyst Games 2014: Varsity and Junior Varsity

We build athletes first.
Our kids and teen programs focus on developing well-rounded athletes. We make kids strong, flexible, fast and resistant to injury. We create the base on which ANY sport can be added later.
Sometimes, we want our kids to show off their skills outside their “main” sport. So we do competitions.
Read “Why Our Teens Compete” here.
Even our younger kids are encouraged to participate, because we want them to learn the positive habits of sport: teamwork, solo achievement, and cheering others on. We don’t have a “winner” for our kids’ division, but we DO crown our fittest Teens.
Varsity athletes (12-18) will compete in 3 events at the 2014 Catalyst Games, spread over the course of the day.
Junior Varsity athletes will play at 2 events at 1pm.
Any kid or teen in the Varsity/JV program is welcome to participate if they register in advance. There’s no charge to do the events, but your coach needs to know you’re coming no later than Sept. 1. If you’d like a shirt, you can pay online and customize yours here. T-shirt deadline is Friday, August 22!