Catalyst Games 2015: Event #5

The final event of the Catalyst Games 2015 will be….you guessed it….a chipper! It wouldn’t be the same without one.  There’s still time to sign up until September 12!
15 Cleans (135/85lbs)
30 squats
30 toes to rings
15 thrusters (135/85lbs)
30 DUS
30 Overhead walking lunge (45/25)
15 Push Press (135/85) * ground to overhead
30 Pull-ups
30 squats
15 mus
18:00 Time Cap
25 Cleans (135/85lbs)
50 squats
50 toes to rings
25 thrusters (135/85lbs)
50 DUS
50 Overhead walking Lunge (45/25)
25 Push Press (135/85)* ground to overhead
50 Pull-ups
50 squats
25 mus
18:00 Time Cap
Partners and Teams will have one athlete moving at a time, but can choose to break up movements in any order. It is NOT required that each athlete perform one rep of each movement.
tyler rings
Schedule, movement standards, scaling options and general information will be released shortly!