The Eleventh Rep

photo by Katie Griffin.

If you don’t have pullups yet, don’t worry.
CrossFit Open workout #14.2 requires 10 overhead squats, and ten chest-to-bar pullups. Some are already worried they’ll be doing a ten-rep workout today. But if this were your regularly-scheduled WOD, what would you do? Scale it, of course! THAT’S CrossFit!
The Open requires standardization. Your score will only count until you start scaling. But WE want you to push to the limits of your capacity.
If you can do 10 overhead squats with the required weight, but aren’t close enough to a pullup to try going chest-to-bar, just scale the pullups to your level. Your score is 10, but you get to keep the party going. Then go back to the bar, and try to finish the second round within the 3-minute cap. The second set of overhead squats won’t count on the leaderboard, but we’ll still love you for your efforts!
Your workout ends when  you can no longer complete the 2 rounds of 10 OHS in ascending reps and 10 CTB pullups in ascending reps. Don’t get it? We’ll explain when you get here.

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