Intramural Open: Update

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.21.00 AM
After five events (including 15.1a,) the Chalk Monkeys have a commanding lead. Spirit points could make a huge difference this week…and don’t forget about 15.6.
This year, Good Friday just happens to fall on…a Friday! And it’s right after the Open. Our tradition is to do an event called “Fight On Friday” every year. This year, it counts toward your team’s Intramural Open score.
BUT WAIT! Didn’t the road hockey game count?!
It did. If you showed for the Catalyst Classic, your team will get a point for your attendance. But another captain with majestic red hair complained the announcement was unfair, so here’s your opportunity to make up the points you missed.
Perform “Fight on Friday,” and your team will get attendance points. Score among the top 3 men or women, and you’ll get performance points. And come out loud to win Spirit points, too!
You’ll be awarded attendance points for either the Catalyst Classic OR Fight On Friday (not both) but we encourage you to do the latter even if you did the former.
Here are the Catalyst leaderboards for 15.1 thru 15.4:

It’s been fantastic so far, and we still have a big announcement (and TWO big events) to go! Let’s punch through March!