The Pep Talk

When we teach a complicated movement, we sometimes start from the end and work backward.
Many athletes, close to getting their first pullup or muscle-up, can benefit from starting at the endpoint and performing the movement eccentrically–in reverse–to wire the correct firing pattern into their muscles and nervous system.
This week, you’re learning to compete. But you already know how to win:

  • Start with thankfulness. You’re healthier and stronger than you’ve ever been. Your judges are volunteering to count your reps, so you can just play this fun game we call CrossFit.
  • Pick your podium in advance: try for your first toes-to-bar, or linked sets, or a heavy clean.
  • Celebrate. This is your CrossFit birthday party, and you’re getting a present.

We’ll be playing at 6am, 7am, noon, 5:30 and 7:00pm. First come, first to compete. Show up early to warm up, cheer, or just shake out a bit.