WOD 121209

KOTC_Dec1209 "Fight Gone Bad"

1 minute at each station, for max reps.  Follow all five stations with 1 minute rest.  3 rounds for the maximum points possible:

Box jump – Push Press (75lbs) – Sumo High Pull (75lbs) – Wall Ball – Rower

It's Fight Day!

Tonight at 7pm, Catalyst family members Adrian, Ray, Dalton, and Jeff will take on the best opponents that King of The Cage could scrape up.  To a man, they're better prepared than ever before.  You've seen them at the Park; now hear them roar at Kewadin.  Some tickets are still available, we're told.  See you there!

What makes Ho Shin Sool so successful?  This was an interview I did with Jim Liguori last year, and it was very illuminating for me.  Jim's open-source concept (everyone brings something different to the table, and those differences should be celebrated and shared to benefit the whole instead of drilled out with "our way" dogma) has greatly influenced the way we run the Park.  You can see it in the best performers: yes, they do CrossFit.  But they're also in here on days off, trying different lifts and "playing" with their technique.  They call it 'fooling around,' but I call it creative attack.

Jim's philosophy has brought together some expert wrestlers, boxers, brawlers, and martial artists into the same type of family that we enjoy at Catalyst.  None of their fighters enters the ring without The Family shepherding them all the way.  The fights are merely an expression of the strength of Jim's philosophy.   They're a canvas.  But the paint has been mixed, and tinted, and lightened or darkened, and tested long before the art comes alive.  Below is the interview, but if you click the 'interview' link above, you'll be treated to some of the text of emails Jim sent to me around the time of the interview, including some exercises for focusing and his ideas on the "beginner's mind" concept.  Enjoy.