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June 2010

Personal Training
newsletter has information on tons of great groups and events, but
we're at our best when we're personal trainers. Want to talk about
it? No pressure, and no charge. Let's hang out for a half hour: just
find a time by clicking here.

may be wondering, "why is the newsletter so early this month?"  Well,
as I started putting it together, I was overwhelmed by the new stuff
happening in late May and early June.  New running groups?  Awesome. 
Midnight 5k, with a band and 'social time' afterward, on June 4?  Wild.
Hockey, football, and the new Catalyst Kids program?  Amazing. The
Summer Bettys and Summer Frat?  Get me in on that! It's a great time to
be around here: the big doors are open, we're training in natural
sunlight and air, and we're seeing a lot of firsts: pullups,
double-unders, tire flips, and even 5k runs.  It's amazing.  Thanks,
At Catalyst This Month:
Baseline Week!
Midnight 5k!

Catalyst Games 2010

 September 11, 2010
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years ago, hockey players golfed in the summertime.  They played
baseball.  They didn't train.  Those times are gone: if you're over age
12, you have to train hard to be ready for the season.  Build a solid
and broad athletic background, and you'll excel on the ice!  We've got
the best Trainers in Ontario with the science and grit to get you as
far as you want to go!

 Tuesday and Thursday mornings in age-specific groups.  Gym membership, food plan, twice-per-week coaching, online program delivery….and sweat.

Our Bantam and Midget/Junior Summer Groups start June 28 – sign up here.

Summer Running Groups

1) Emphasis on technique, foot strike and posture: Video analysis used on a regular basis
2) Learn to enjoy running pain free at any distance
3) Eliminate your weak link in Crossfit WODs  (summer is too nice to be on a rower or treadmill!)
4) Nutritional guidance provided
5) Learn to set up your own long term program
1) Learn to mesh running, Crossfit and Power/Olympic lifting to optimize athleticism
2) Achieve lofty goals faster and smash previously unbeatable PR's
3) Better results, but a fraction of the miles
4) Become a more efficient runner – more speed, less effort!

Registration: Beginner (6 Mondays starting May 24!) – $79 + gst
 Intermediate (6 Wednesdays starting May 26!) – $79 + gst

New Catalyst Kids Groups!

The overwhelming growth of our extremely popular Kids and Teens programs
has prompted – uh, demanded – that we add another night, and another
group.  The new structure of the Teens groups will be a multi-level
1: Kids learn basic bodyweight movements.  We focus on calisthenics,
running, jumping, throwing, pushing and pulling.  Very fun and
achievement-oriented.  For kids aged 11-16.
2: Kids and Teens incorporate some basic gymnastics, weightlifting with
appropriate loads, sprinting, anaerobic capacity work, and more
individual challenges. 
also adding a younger group on Thursday nights for 8-10-year-olds! 
Coach Whitney will finally get to realize her dream of coaching kids! 
Tuesday at 7pm- Level I Teens (11-16) – Register here
Wednesday at 7pm – Level 2 Teens (11-16) – Register here
Thursday at 7pm – Pre-Teens (8-10) – Register here
always telling folks to register early, but it's critical with the
kids' groups.  Last session, 32 kids tried for 20 spots!  Get in there!

Barbell Bettys and Fraternity Barbell: the Summer Program
What I did on my summer vacation:
1. Followed a personalized program
2. Worked out on my own schedule
3. Still made a few CrossFit WODs per week
4. My very first ____________!
5. A huge personal best at __________!

June 7, you'll embark on a different style of training group: you'll be
monitored and coached biweekly by Ty.  You'll have a program for your
specific goals.  You'll train, mostly on your own, toward a goal YOU
choose.  You'll compete at the end.  You'll earn prizes!
Members – $80 for 12 weeks (biweekly coaching.)
Non-members – $150 for 12 weeks (includes a 2-month membership to Catalyst Gym and biweekly coaching!)
Sign up for Barbell Bettys Summer Program by clicking here!  Sign up for the Summer Fraternity Barbell program by clicking here!

Baseline Week
uses 'yardstick' workouts to track progress. Instead of vague
correlates like body weight, BMI, or "inches," we measure
performance. Get faster at "Michael," and you know you're more fit than
last time; get stronger, and your CrossFit Total goes up.

per year, we put six of our favourites together in a week-long gut
check.  We test ourselves every day, and fight all week for personal
bests.  We find our Baseline.
Monday: "Angie"
Tuesday: "Grace"
Wednesday: "Michael"
Thursday: "Kelly"
Friday: "Fran"
Saturday: Midnight 5k!  Sign up here for the run only.  The 5k run is a benefit fundraiser for our Relay for Life team, the Green Army
(Captain:Kristen Hoffman.)  $20 entry for the 5k run.  We did this last
year for our 24-Hour Emergency fundraiser, and it was a RIOT. 
the other Baseline Week challenges are part of our normal CrossFit
schedule (just show up to your regular CrossFit group.)  Don't worry:
our coaches will how you how!

June 4 – Midnight 5kThis ain't your normal run.  But cancer ain't your normal test, muchaho.  And we sure ain't your 'normal' gym.Arrive
at 11:30.  Get jacked up with the Family.  Run 5k.  Walk,
stumble…doesn't matter.  Then enjoy our live band and some quality
social time!  Sign up online here – the $20 entry fee is 100% donated
to our Relay For Life Team (see above.)  It's the best run you'll ever

Summer Football Camp
May 21, Ty and Whit will be training with some NFL pros in Toronto. 
It's CrossFit Football, baby!  And they'll be bringing back a whole new
This July, Ty will be introducing our newest toy – the
Husky – to SMFA players, High School players, Steelers, and Sabercats
alike at his Football Camp.  Strength training, conditioning like
you've never seen before, football-specific drills, and a 2-month gym
membership.  60 days of all-around awesomeness.  Pre-register here.  Watch for more details on the site soon!

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Y'know what's really funny?  Most "fitness centres" die out over
the summer.  People would rather be outside than in a boring labyrinth
of machines and mirrors.  Why not train in a natural environment with
fun, sporting workouts? It's easier to eat well in the summer.  It's easier to train well – if you're in the right environment.



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