You Don't Have To Be Great To Start

 But you have to START to be GREAT.
These folks you see on our site, in our Client Stories and daily workouts – they’re awesome.
Few started that way. I certainly didn’t.
When I started Catalyst over eight years ago, I thought I was fit. I thought I knew how to get people fit. My clients were seeing success, after all. But it’s NOTHING like today.
The things our members do now are AMAZING compared to what they did then. Women doing pullups? We have dozens. But the vast majority couldn’t do them when they started. Women lifting 300lbs? We have fifteen who can. They’re not giants; they’re strong. And most didn’t know how to deadlift when they walked in for the first time.
Men are closing in on 300lbs clean and jerk. Several have deadlifted over 500lbs. Some have run marathons on zero preparation; some are whittling away their mile time to the six-minute mark. Some are doing all of these. Most of these weren’t possible at Catalyst even two years ago. They’re still impossible anywhere else.
Some are trying to learn a double-under (two skips at once.) Some are trying to fit into lululemons. Some see the CrossFit Games on ESPN and think, “Maybe…” Most are just looking for a change.
This month, hundreds of people in Sault Ste. Marie will try to change. They’ll do what others are doing: running, or cutting calories; buying fitness equipment or watching television at a Big Box gym. Most won’t pursue real change: the kind that threatens your ego, challenges your knowledge, and finds your potential. But some will, and that’s what we sell here.
The weight loss, the running, the smiles – these are all byproducts of the fitness we teach at Catalyst.
How Do You Start?
We’re a coaching gym. We want you to move better before you move faster. OnRamp is our introduction to movement. Five personal training sessions (bring a friend for free in January) for $199. Click here for more info.
Show up and try CrossFit or CrossFit Lite. No appointment necessary; pick a CrossFit group time and jump in. We’ll modify the workouts and exercises for you when you get here. No fear: we’ve all been the first-timer in the group.
Call Melanie or Chris at 705-256-1344 for details, or pick a spot on our online schedule.