Why Do The Workouts Seem Different Now?

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity.
“Constantly varied” makes it fun and balanced. But that doesn’t mean random, and it doesn’t mean our workouts aren’t focused. Clients in our ID program have their workouts created especially for them. Clients in our group program have their workouts tailored by the results of the group.
Over the late summer and fall, group workouts at Catalyst focused on skill acquisition and strength building. There was a lot of great aerobic and HIIT work, too–I think we generated around 100 metric tonnes of sweat–but our focus was on building our base. And the PR board showed our success!
NOW we shift to longer-duration metabolic conditioning (you can call it METCON if you like–some of us old-timers do.) Some of this is preparation for the Open; some of it is preparation for the beach!
And some of it is just to help battle the winter blues. METCONs are FUN, create a lot of smiles, and a wonderland of high-fiving awesomeness.
But don’t worry: our strength training never disappears. Strength training will make you better at running, better at moving fast–it’s the foundation of your fitness. It’s not going anywhere.
Over the next few weeks, you’ll hear about the Intramural Open. Be ready to be drafted! And over the next several months, get ready for more reps, more speed, and more high fives than ever!
See you in the box!