Youth Takeover–Isaac and Ally

Several months ago, we launched our Varsity Sport program. Teens who want to compete in CrossFit–or any other sport–can earn a spot in this program after spending a year in Varsity.
But the real point of Varsity Sport is to build leaders. And it’s working.
Several of the teens in Sport volunteer around town. Two–Ally and Isaac–work in respite care for IgniteGym clients. And now you’ll be seeing them around the gym even more!
Every weekend, you’ll see Isaac and Ally around the gym. They’ve been entrusted with answering phones, keeping the place clean and all the other “behind-the-scenes” stuff you don’t normally see. But their REAL job is making you happy.
Catalyst’s goal is ALWAYS to make your day better. You should be happier when you leave than when you arrived. Ally and Isaac are fantastic ambassadors of joy.
Welcome, Isaac and Ally! We’re really proud to have you here.