From Motivation to Momentum: Why The Second Day Is Harder

Yesterday, I wrote you a letter about motivation.
More than a dozen of you wrote BACK. Thank you for pouring your guts out – I read every one, and I’m waiting for an answer today, too.
In the meantime, here’s the truth about motivation: Day Two is harder.
On the first day, novelty will carry you through. “I’ll try something new!” is exciting and attractive. But repeating that little task gets boring, and then it gets tough.
This is why we do a different workout every single day at Catalyst: novelty. And it’s also why most gyms try to sign everyone up on January 1: because the second day is harder.
We finally figured this out in 2006. And I immediately changed the way I looked at exercise, and even how I looked at my job as a health coach.
I now understand my job isn’t to teach you exercise (though I spend a LOT of time doing that.) My job is to get you to Day Three. And then Day Four. One day at a time, giving you enough reason to show up the NEXT day.
For some of our clients, “day two” has turned into “year eleven” already. And they did it the same way you will: one day at a time. Here’s how:
1. Success has to come before motivation. Whatever you did RIGHT yesterday, celebrate it. If you walked to Tim’s and didn’t order the drink that made you gain 50lbs, write that down somewhere. Tell someone. Write me a letter about it. But celebrate every. tiny. win. every. day.
2. Recap “wins” every week. We do “Bright Spots Friday” in our private Facebook Group because there’s a lot of value in practicing inflection and gratitude.
3. Change what you do every day…but don’t ever completely stop. You have momentum now; keep pushing the flywheel. You don’t have to do MORE every day, or even something completely different; just try to tweak things a bit. Routine is the enemy.
4. Find a training partner! I don’t mean you have to start “training” for an event. You’re training to be a better person. Who can help you get there? A business mentor? A health coach (ahem!) ? A group of like-minded people on the same journey? Your best friend with similar goals?
5. Start an external accountability campaign. I almost dislike this one, but it WORKS: tell someone else what habit you’re trying to build.
Yes, it gets easier, but never easy. You CAN keep it interesting, though.
If you’re ready for it, I have a two-week at-home workout series I can send you. Just ask!