The Genghis Solution

Greatwall_3 The Great Wall of China took 1000 years to build (6th Century – 16th Century, primarily.) It stretches 4000 miles.   At its peak, over a million men patrolled its walls.

Enter Genghis Khan.  Faced with the formidable wall, Khan didn’t try the same thing that had failed for other armies (attacking the longest stretches with full siege equipment, archers, and horses.)  Instead, he bribed the gatekeepers.  The Chinese dynasty fell to the barbarians.

Type II Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin sensitivity in the muscle.  Every time you hit the cell with an insulin spike (following a glucose, or blood sugar spike) it gets a little better at resisting insulin.  It fortifies its defenses.

A cell operating normally has no problem with insulin; too much, though, and the walls start to go up. 

Exercise makes muscle cells more sensitive – less resistant – to insulin.  Instead of dieting to lose weight, why aren’t we just bribing the gatekeepers?