Burn Your Bra, 2011

Ladies, please: you’re smarter than this.
You’re the tougher sex. You can handle pain, stress, mess; and you can do it on heels, if necessary.
This has got to stop.
Would Cleopatra have done triceps kickbacks to ‘firm and tone’ her arms? Would she rely on Spanx to get her point across?
As we posted a couple of years ago, Confidence is the new size four. Step aerobics, Special K, treadmill walking, prepackaged ‘low-calorie’ meals….you’re better than this.
You KNOW how to be strong. Does ‘being strong’ mean that you alter yourself into a shrinking violet, feigning weakness by pretending to believe all this “firm and tone with rubber dumbbells” garbage?
By now, you KNOW that lifting weights doesn’t make you mannish. You KNOW that balancing on wobbly balls and boards don’t fix your “core.” You KNOW that mama, in the nursing home, is in pain from osteoporosis. What are you gonna do about it?

Will you turn a blind eye to science, experience, common sense…and believe what they WANT you to believe? Or will you use that innate BS meter – the one that KNOWS when junior’s done his homework, or Sissy’s been seeing THAT boy after school – to help YOURSELF? Will you learn to chalk your hands, mop your brow, set your jaw, and do the things that will REALLY make a difference?

Those things are called deadlifts. And cleans, and jerks, and snatches. If it has a jelly cover, it’s useless to you. Learn to do these things with other women; practice; become strong. Channel Cleopatra, or just stop taking so much guff.
Does this process cost money? Of course it does. This is what we do, after all. Want proof? Ask any of your girlfriends. We make women better.
Start here: Level II Barbell Bettys. Mondays at 5:30pm (tell someone ELSE to make dinner, for a change!). $119 includes a six-week membership to the Park…where powerful women come to play!

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