Sunday Morning Salvation

She’s probably one of your favourite people.
Carolle is our resident Supple Leopard; a student of mobility before the crowd jumped all over it, she’s seen its effects on performance, recovery, and feel-good-ishness.
Now you’ll like her even more: Carolle will be leading a mobility group every Sunday morning at 9am at Catalyst!
She also likes puppies:
…you can’t go wrong!
We’ll still do a bit of extra mobility work on Friday mornings, but those workouts will get a little…spicier. You’re going to need more recovery, and you can get it with an unlimited CrossFit membership (or punch card, of course!)
Quiet gym, caffeinated Carolle, softballs jammed into your every nook and crannie…it’s your dream come true. No soundtrack of humming whales; just the satisfying sounds of “Getting Better.”
Sunday Morning Salvation starts on October 6 at 9am! Don’t miss it!