Miranda And Jamie Take Over The Gym!

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I opened Catalyst with the mission to make people fit.
But I keep Catalyst to make people happy.
Yes, we make people very fit. And we do it in a supportive, safe environment. After all, I’m not a high school jock, so I know what it takes to get into a gym when you’re scared.
I also own other businesses. One, in particular, takes a lot of my time (really, only about 16 hours every day…) That has meant less time spent in the gym–and that’s NOT making anyone happy.
Who makes people REALLY happy?
Miranda and Jamie.
That’s why I’m VERY excited to announce a big step forward for Catalyst: Jamie and Miranda are coming aboard as partners!
Jamie and Miranda will run the gym day-to-day, and the Catalyst family will be lifted up by their youthful passion and enthusiasm. They’re already pushing for upgrades, so watch for a fresh new look soon!
Our coaching staff has never been better. Jess and the whole team will continue delivering the best coaching in Sault Ste. Marie by a huge margin, and Miranda and Jamie will help the gym function with new enthusiasm and excitement.  My role as owner will be to support and guide them in their new purpose.
I love Catalyst and every member of the Catalyst family. The greatest service I can personally provide is to give this amazing couple the chance to serve you even better.
Year 13 is going to rock! See you in the gym!