What’s Best For Kids?

Last week, I was riding my bike with my daughter.

We were rolling through the “old” Garden River highway. Freshly repaved with lines for bike lanes, slower traffic and some friendly waves along the way makes it an amazing route.

While we were riding at an easy Zone 2 pace, we were chatting: about school, teachers, new friends, her schedule…all of the “little things” that slowly seem to disappear from the conversations with your kids as they age.

I realized that my best conversations with my teenagers usually happen while we’re working out together. Not in the car (they’re wearing headphones), not at the breakfast table (we’re all in a rush to go elsewhere), not after dinner (we’re all looking at our phones). I love having these conversations with them, and I realized that my fitness goals should include “the ability to do the activities THEY love with them for as long as possible.”

I’ve always been inspired when people say to me, “I just want to be fit enough to pick up my grandkids when I get older”. I’m always reminded of this video:

…but what if, at age 60, you could go for a jog WITH your grandkids?

What if they wanted to take you mountain biking?

What if you picked them up on your way to the gym?

To me, a shared experience with my kids is life-enhancing. And if that experience involves fitness or sport, that means I’m healthy and they’re healthy–who could ask for more?

Our mission at Catalyst is to enhance and extend the lifespan of 7000 people in Sault Ste. Marie.

One of the most important groups we coach is kids and teens. If kids and teens can “find their fit”–discover an activity they can do for the rest of their lives–then they will have an enormous head start on their health.

Over the next few days, I’ll dive deep into the most common questions I’ve had from parents over the last 25 years of coaching kids and teens, including:

1 – What sport is best for my kid?

2 – What exercises are safe for my kid?

3 – How do I talk to my kid about nutrition without creating an eating disorder?

4 – How can I make my kid better at their sport?

5 – How do I get my kid off their stinkin’ devices?!

For now, though, if you already know you’d love to get your kids involved at Catalyst, click here to schedule them a free intro. https://catalystgym.com/kids-program/https://catalystgym.com/kids-program/