Today's Workout: 101814

In teams of two:
4 Front Squats (bodyweight)
1000m row
4 Front Squats
30 burpee pullups
4 Front squats
750m row
4 Front squats
20 burpee pullups
4 Front Squats
500m row
4 Front Squats
10 burpee Pullups
4 Front Squats
The point of today’s workout is peer coaching: your partner will need your help, especially on the row.
You’ll be paired with someone who has similar front squat strength and rowing speed. Encourage them on the row, and give them feedback on their technique. Pace them on the burpee pullups.
Why peer coaching? In a workout like this (lower-skill, higher-difficulty) the real coaches will step in to help with form, give cues and keep athletes safe. But telling your partner to fully extend on the rower helps YOU do the same. In a regular CrossFit class, we discourage peer-to-peer coaching, because it causes confusion (too much info all at once.) But we love motivation, and today use your partner as a mirror of yourself.

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