Today's Workout: 112710

Two tasks today:

1) Row 3000m;

2) Squat 5000lbs.

TOTAL time is what counts (you have a max of 1 hour.)  Split into either order. After starting one exercise, you may not split and start the other until the first is completed.  Weight on squats – your choice, but reps x weight must equal 5000lbs or greater.  Rest as necessary between exercises.

See those chicks in the pic? They're ALL going to Sectionals in March!  The Green Army Training Team is already almost full, less than 48 hours after we posted the opportunity (there are still 4 spots left.) 

Consider your current level: are you happy there? If not, then consider what forward progress is going to require.  Don't want to compete, but still want to train hard? Join the Green Army Team.

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