The Boys of Summer: Matt Eddy

When I was 13-14 years old, I was playing hockey for the bantam AAA Soo Greyhounds and to become a better hockey player I needed to start training. At that age going to a goodlife fitness would not have been beneficial, and that’s when I first heard about Catalyst Fitness. My parents told me about how Chris Cooper had started a gym and that if I wanted to, we could go see what it was like. This is when the only gym was downtown. When I met Chris and saw the gym, it was perfect! It wasn’t intimidating and it was fun all the while being pushed to become a better hockey player and person. I had a few years away from working out after an injury and wasn’t attending catalyst but when I needed to get back into shape, I was looking for something to push me to build muscle, to become faster and stronger on the ice. At that time I was playing hockey in the OJHL (southern Ontario) and was looking to gain a scholarship to a university through my hockey career. I knew to acquire one, I would have to push myself harder than I ever have and right away my mind jumped to Catalyst. I signed up immediately when I got home in the off season and it has been the best decision I have made.
My first impression of the gym was great. Catalyst didn’t have the gym in the industry section of Sault Ste Marie yet and it was just the gym located downtown. At my age of 13-14, it was exactly what I needed, one-on-one time with a personal trainer in a setting that wasn’t intimidating because of a bunch of huge weightlifters walking around. Mike was my trainer at that time and he was great, always pushing and pushing me to become better, but always keeping the atmosphere a light and fun one. My impression of the gym in the industry section was perfect. The way it was set up allowed for fast paced movements, heavy weights and the ability to make noise without it bothering anyone. The noise part was a big part for me because I was the one who always got in trouble at the gym downtown for dropping the weights and making to much noise for the store below. Then there is the first impression of my new trainer Charity. She is the best trainer I have ever dealt with. You just have to be careful with her because she is nice and sweet and that’s how you think the workout will be, but don’t judge the book by its cover, she knows how to make you work hard! She is always willing to joke around and have fun, always willing to listen to suggestions and make changes to her plans depending on how you feel that day. With saying all that, my first workout with her had me hooked. It was a technique day and after teaching me how to lift safely, I knew with her efficient teaching style and positive attitude that she would be the trainer I would stick with. 3 off seasons with Charity and I have never felt healthier.
The atmosphere that Catalyst has is what has caused my greatest improvement. I know a lot of people that dislike going to the gym, and I can say that I am one of them when I’m away at school. The school’s gym has a slow and depressing atmosphere which repels me. Catalyst on the other hand, I can’t wait to go and spend my time there. The up-beat tempo, where everyone is friendly and willing to help or cheer on another person is what makes it so fun. No one wants to do something that’s not fun and if I didn’t have fun I wouldn’t train as hard, if I didn’t train as hard I wouldn’t have made the drastic improvements I have, which led me to where I am today.
I am currently playing varsity hockey while studying mining engineering. With the support of Catatyst Fitness I have reached my goal to play varsity hockey and now I strive to keep training with the pursuit of continuing my hockey career. When the school year ends and I am back home, I plan to focus on becoming more explosive, agile and to increase my conditioning, which will help me on the ice.
I know every that goes to Catalyst will agree with me when I say that it is not possible to choose just one favourite memory of Catalyst. Every workout creates a new great memory, whether it was a funny joke that was told by a trainer, seeing someone else hit a new person best, hitting a person best myself, or just remembering how accomplished I felt when I finished a workout that I didn’t think I could finish. I have so many memories that I could share and I know I will be creating plenty more great memories while I continue to workout at Catalyst.

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