Emily Weir: A New Challenge

“I first thought of joining Catalyst to assist me in my workouts.  I use to work out on my own for a couple of years at other gyms and at home, but I didn’t feel like I was getting the most out of my work outs.  I would question if I was using the machines properly and if I was lifting the proper weights.  I wanted a personal trainer to assist me in my workouts and I heard a lot of good things about Catalyst through my friends.   They told me it would help me to develop goals and prepare me for my active lifestyle.
I knew it was going to be challenging and I would have to work hard to reach my goals.  I wanted the challenge and was ready to push myself. Jess has given me the motivation to work hard and has taught me the proper techniques.  She showed me the right way to do pull ups and I actually enjoy doing them now.  Also, at other gyms I stayed away from using barbells because I wasn’t sure how to use them and I felt I needed someone there to support me.  Jess was there to guide me and to ensure my form was always correct.  I feel she brought me to my full potential and I have the confidence now to use the equipment at the gym properly.
Right now I am training for cross country and continuing to develop my soccer skills.  I feel Catalyst has given me the strength and endurance I need as a midfielder and a runner.   On the field I am able to play a lot harder and not easily knocked off my feet.  I will continue to workout at Catalyst because I feel I am a stronger athlete and I am able to compete more aggressively.”