Jeannine Madore: Finding the Fun

I joined Catalyst with my friend Cristina in the summer of 2016. We were both attending a local gym and doing the same workouts over and over again. She suggested we should try CrossFit for a change in our routine. I was very nervous when I first attended but that quickly changed. The coaches were so encouraging and motivating and the participants were very welcoming to us newcomers. I can now see why we call ourselves the “Catalyst family”. I loved how different every workout was from anything I had done in the past.

I have had many proud moments since joining Catalyst. I have been able to lifts weights I never thought I could before. I have noticed a difference in my strength and endurance. I look forward to continuously improving.


Catalyst has motivated me to step out of my comfort zone. Even though the CrossFit Open just started, it has been the best experience so far.* When my captain first asked me to join I was apprehensive but with her encouragement and support I decided to accept the challenge. On the day of the first WOD I was nervous all morning leading up to it. When I attended everyone was there to cheer on their team. It was a lot of fun! (and I never thought I would use that word with exercise before). 

*Editor’s Note: Jeannine got her first toes to bar in 17.2!! Way to go Jeannine!!