Your Guide To Barbells at Catalyst


  1. 55lbs Hampton Bars – very stiff, fat diameter,
    great for deadlifting, pressing, and squatting.
    Knurling is short and not very sharp; use a little
    chalk, not much.
  2. 45lbs Hampton bars – small amount of bar ‘whip,’
    fast sleeves, narrow diameter.

    Okay for squatting (middle knurling) but too much flex for heavy
    Knurling is not
    sharp OR deep, so use a bit of chalk on your hands, but keep the bar
  3. 45lbs Ivanko OLY bar – more bar ‘whip,’ very
    fast sleeves.
    Built for clean
    and jerk and snatch.
    Narrow diameter,
    sharp knurling, no centre knurling for squatting.
    Not great for deadlifting.
  4. 35lbs York bars – a practice “beater” bar. Sleeves must be tightened before
    each use.
    Slow sleeve
    rotation, no middle knurling.

Yes, you’re a savage. But a bit of barbell etiquette is appreciated:

  1. Clean your own platform of chalk and sweat and
    DNA.Never cross a platform on which a lifter is active
    or setting up.
    These lifts
    require a lot of focus, and movement is very distracting.
  2. Keep chalk over the bowl.
  3. Put your weights away after use.
  4. IMG_3818 Never drop an empty bar; try not to drop a bar
    with only 10lbs or 5lbs plates on it (but if you have to, that’s ok.
    We’d rather rip a plate than dent
    your skull.)
  5. Don’t use short bars on the platforms. They make dents. And when YOU make dents, WE make

THANKS. You’re making it better for everyone. Now go lift hard!