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Motivation Is Built-In

The hardest part about exercise and nutrition isn’t knowing what to do. That’s pretty easy: you can buy a magazine or subscribe to an app or search YouTube.

The hardest part is showing up.

We procrastinate. With all day to do stuff, we say “I’ll do it later”–and get less done than ever before.

We wait for the perfect time–even though the perfect time was yesterday.

We know too much and do too little–we can argue about why situps are bad, but we can’t do a single one.

We try to find the perfect workout–even though there isn’t one.

We buy stuff for our basement–and then sell it cheap the next year.

I’m guilty too. I’m guilty of all of it.

What gets me great fitness results? It’s not my hardcore attitude (lol) or my genetics (LOLOL) or my extreme passion for feeling pain. It’s this:

“Hey Coop, I’ll be at noon group today. You coming?”

More than anything else, that’s what keeps me fit.

Here’s another one:

“You coming to deadlift today?”

That was from my coach at Catalyst. She sent me a facebook message. I showed up and got stronger.

“What time are you getting on your bike today?”
That’s my wife, every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

This was from my nutrition coach:

“Hey, happy Sunday. I see you didn’t enter your meals for Friday or Saturday – what’s going on?”

I told her I’d been suffering from a tooth infection. She responded, “OK, drink a glass of water every time you take an antibiotic, and eat eggs for dinner with extra salt.”

So I did.

Then my cycling coach sent me four workouts to complete this week, with goals for each one. He said “I altered Tuesday, I’ll watch your results when they’re uploaded.”

Why am I in good shape?
It’s not the bike in my garage.
It’s not the program in my notebook.

It’s not the motivation in my head.
It’s not the vegetables in my fridge.
It’s not the equipment in my gym.
It’s the people I have in my life.

I built Catalyst to give people in Sault Ste. Marie the value of all of this coaching, equipment, and buddy-support. We provide all of it for about 1/10th the price I pay monthly for coaching. The coaches are incredible; the equipment is top-notch. But the REAL value is in the other people in the gym.

If you’re nervous, we’ll help you.

If you do something for the first time, we’ll celebrate with you.

If you don’t show up, we’ll call you.

You don’t have to buy preworkout drinks or listen to “pump-up music” or slap yourself in the face to work out at Catalyst. The motivation is built in: fun workouts, compounding results, and great people.

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