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Why We Don’t Have “Pauses” or “Holds”

We are a coaching business. We provide our clients with clear plans, quarterly measurement and access to equipment when they need it.

Our coaching is not limited to business hours or one location. While our home base is at 88 White Oak Drive in Sault Ste. Marie, our clients regularly travel, take vacations and do their utmost to experience life.

Your fitness enhances your life. The pursuit of fitness should be part of your lifestyle. Your fitness does not stop or pause when you get on the airplane or go to your camp. Fitness is not a place you go. Fitness goes with you.

Our coaches are flexible enough to provide fitness and nutrition guidance wherever you are. Your fitness should never pause–and neither should your coaching.

If you need to be away from our home base for awhile, no problem – book a 15-minute review with your coach to get a plan for your time away. There’s no need to sabotage your fitness due to travel.