Catalyst Member Highlight: Kelsey West

Kelsey West has embodied the Catalyst #happygym spirit from the moment she joined us – her megawatt smile and PR happy dance will brighten anyone’s day!
“ I was encouraged to try Crossfit at Catalyst by my good friend Nick Peters. He brought me to a ‘bring and friend’ Workout of the Day(WOD), and I was signing up for my Onramp [fundamentals program] by the end. Everyone was so supportive and kind at that first visit, I couldn’t wait to come back. I quickly became addicted to the positive energy at the gym. I started off with a goal of just being healthy, and soon found myself wanting to build strength and improve technique. In no time, I had signed up for Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching.”
Kelsey’s favourite movement is the power clean (an Olympic barbell lift) – rightfully so, considering how she has totally NAILED IT!
Why does Kelsey love power cleans? “They are complex and require so much power and technique.” 
Why does Kelsey LOVE Catalyst Fitness and Nutrition? “Catalyst has not only empowered me to take control of my health and fitness goals, but also boosted my self confidence. I love that feeling when you finish a challenging WOD; like you can accomplish anything. I love cheering for athletes and supporting them while they achieve their goals. It truly is a family and I’ve made many friends here that genuinely support my goals too. It really is a special place and I am proud to be a part of the Catalyst family. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to experience the culture here like I have!”
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