Sharon Trapper: I Have What I Need

photoI was in school at Sault College when I heard about Catalyst. And I met a guy name Brandon he was in my class. We became good friends throughout the semester. It all started from with him. He would talk about, he would brag about Crossfit. At times we would meet up with each other in the Nish Lounge. At this time I was doing my own training at the YMCA maybe 3 or 4 times a week. I managed to lose 60lbs in 8 months. I struggled a lot with myself. I even took Zumba or Bootcamp just to try something different, but I was bored instantly. I didn’t feel good or motivated I was getting bored. I have always thought about Crossfit, wondering what it would be like, how I would get there, how I would feel overall, questions I needed answers to. Before school was out in April 2013, Brandon kidnapped me and drove me to Catalyst Gym hahaha. I’m just kidding. Yes he did take me to the box. I was looking around and I said where’s all the equipment. He and Mel smiled at me. I felt nervous yet very intimidated. I told Brandon maybe I don’t know, if I can do it right now. I left the Soo for 4 months and didn’t do any training whatsoever. I gained weight, and all that hard work was flushed down the drain. When I came back to the Soo after my summer break, I was required to put on my school uniform as I am in Police Foundations. I put on my uniform and it didn’t fit at all. I was furious. I felt so disappointed. On Monday August 26th, 2013 I walked into the Catalyst Gym and I said I want to sign up. I met Mel for the second time and I paid and bought my first set of 16 sessions. I paid my fee and I told her see you tomorrow. Tuesday August 27th was my first workout and it was brutal. I was tired of working out alone with my earphones on and no communication. When Brandon talked about Crossfit with me in detail. I wanted what he had and today It’s November 9th. I have what I need in my life. Crossfit is helping mould my life. I’m putting myself back together.
August 27th, 2013 was my first training session for the first time two weeks maybe 3 weeks I was exhausted to my limits. Self doubt played a huge role in my life. I could not do anything. I was out of shape and I had no endurance. I thought I would be able to do most of the things just because I went to a gym before; that wasn’t the case. I felt discouraged at first because everyone around me was stronger or faster. I said to myself who am I kidding. After my first month passed by I started to notice that I was feeling better and that my thinking pattern started to change because the more I thought positive about myself the better I started to feel within myself. Working on my form and technique is the key to what I want to obtain in my training. I know I will never master Crossfit, all I know is that I will get to where I want to be with my life. The most important thing about training with high intensity is being consistent with it and continue being a Crossfit Athlete. I want to become one of the Elite. I have also quit smoking and as of today I am smoke free for 19 days.
photo2My goal is to do a pullup. Right now I working on proper technique, form, and to able to lift heavier. Right now I am scaling pullups with the rings.  I want to be able to hold my own body weight. And I know I will get there eventually, all in good time. Having the willingness to be uncomfortable for not more then 40 minutes at the most when I trained at the box.
My favorite Crossfit memory was when I did 10 boxjumps. I was thinking in my head what in the world is going on ,hehehe. I remember when I first came to Crossfit I could not jump on the smallest box  I had to step on and step off. Now at 11 weeks in I am on the women’s box. I may get tried but I’m still giving her. I have a few favorite memories , I couldn’t even do a burpee I almost fell flat on my face to be honest the first time I attempted a burpee. I still hate burpees go figure. All I know is me…what I can do for myself. I am my worst enemy, I pay no attention to others. Sometimes I want to give up on myself. Crossfit has taught me to break through that mental walls. And I know eventually my body will forgive me. I am seeing results not by numbers…by what I am doing different today with my life. And I have contentment in my life…it’s like being given a second change to transform my mind, body, & spirit.