Today's Workout: 082113

3-positions clean – 10 rounds, work on catching with a vertical torso.
Then: “DT”
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power cleans
6 Push Press
5 rounds for time.
Two of the greatest athletes at Catalyst on one team: Jeff and Cam. Jeff, who may not be a familiar face to some, is transitioning from the Ignite program to CrossFit. He linked all 21 of his pullups in the first round of ‘Fran,’ then partnered with Esther to complete the second round, too. Nice job, Jeff!
The reason we’re doing a 3-position clean first is to practice the elements that make for a good catch: fast elbows, loose wrists, and vertical torso. If any of those are off, decrease the weight and try again. Use about 75% of your best 3-position clean for “DT.”