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We are a coaching facility. Progress from sickness to wellness, and from wellness to fitness, requires guidance to be efficient and complete. To that end, members of our Open Gym complete OnRamp  before joining.

We also value – and love – time to practice, and to play. We offer ‘Open Gym’ time between our CrossFit groups for our members to try new things, do their ‘homework’ (if given by one of our Personal Trainers or Coaches) and practice functional movement.

Open Membership includes access to all parts of Catalyst unless in use by a Trainer or Group.  We don’t have contracts.

Per Month: $40 (on pre-authorized debit plan) or $45 cash

*NEW* Family Rate! For members of your immediate family:

First two members: $35 each/mo

Third member: $25/mo

Fourth and subsequent members: $15/mo

(pre-authorized payment only, please.)

prices are subject to HST, of course. 

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Also available at Catalyst:

The garage-gym format allows us to continue – and expand – the level of excellence that we provide at Catalyst. We believe in achievement over aesthetics; practice over prodigy; character over chrome.

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“Globo” gyms have, on average, a 53% dropout rate after the first six months. Ours is 7%. Come and see why people don’t quit Catalyst!

Though practiced by the majority of our members, Not everyone who trains at Catalyst Athletic does CrossFit.  The nature of our gym is such that it’s ideally suited for athletes of every level who want to train in a focused environment.  There are no mirrors here, just what you need to succeed.  No distractions.

Likewise, our corporate structure is one of openness, honesty, and hard work.  As such, we don’t have ridiculous signup fees, ‘building fees,’ fees to cancel or suspend membership, blackout dates, or long contracts.  We hold high expectations for you, and it’s only fair that you hold us to the same.

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Our reputation – and our strong Catalyst family – is built on coaching.  Groups are sometimes given private access to the facility.  It is our belief that coaches are absolutely necessary for success, and every member will require the attention and focus of the elite Trainers that Catalyst is happy to provide throughout their fitness careers.  For that reason, the gym is closed to membership – but still fully accessible with a punch card – during CrossFit group times. The matted area is open only to members enrolled in Steel City MMA groups most evenings.

*note: Steel City MMA membership does not give access to the gym – including the matted area – during non SCMMA group times. Just get a gym membership for FULL access!*

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