Hey…where's the workout?

Our brand new workout tracking app, SugarWOD, is active!
You can see the WOD every day on our website here:
Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 6.01.01 AM
We’re pumped to give you a better way for you to track your progress.
Since 2006, we’ve been waking up at 4am to post workouts the old-fashioned way. Now SugarWOD makes this a better experience for you:

  • Clickable video demos for exercises, right in the workout link
  • Easy-to-find PRs and results
  • “Fist bumps” for your friends
  • Live leaderboard through the day

For coaches, SugarWOD brings far better analytics that we can use to optimize your workouts. Especially with the new technology we’re testing this summer, our need for real-time metrics has never been greater.
SugarWOD is a huge upgrade from our previous system, which was simple…but mostly unused.
On May 1, we’ll shut down our SocialWOD account. You should login to your account and copy your PRs to SugarWOD. These results will no longer be available on SocialWOD after May 1, so make it happen today!
You’re going to see a ton of upgrades this summer; SugarWOD is the first. None are cheap, but they’re all worthwhile to improve your training, your experience at Catalyst, and your “happy.”

1 thought on “Hey…where's the workout?”

  1. Hi, I am member of Crossfit Bytown in Ottawa. Have been doing Crossfit for a year. I will be in the Sault Aug 3-6. Would like to maybe come and do a Crossfit class at noon on the 4th and/or 5th. Is this allowed? and what is your fee per visit? Thanks Tim