Thank You.

Last night on my way home, I realized that Catalyst Gym really HAD become my dream gym.  Consider this: 4 women climbed into the giant tire and tried pulling a truck, hand over hand, with a rope.  And ALL FOUR SUCCEEDED.  A new lifter in the gym (welcome, Nick) demonstrated some Olympic lifting prowess, then jumped on the end of the rope and ripped it up before trying our Chinup Challenge.  A (former?) competitive bodybuilder did the Egyptian Deadlift with me before we packed it in for the night, and LOVED IT.  C’mon, Dave: the powerlifting Dark Side is calling.  We had 12 people go through and do The Chief WOD yesterday – a day early.  Best of all, there was cheering, clapping, yelling all over the place!  People were shocked to find out what they could REALLY do if they let themselves try, and raised their expectations of themselves in the process.  I left feeling fulfilled, ecstatic, and grateful.  Thank you all.

….after that long preamble, you deserve some sick videos!  Here’s Beth and Tiffie pulling the truck. A bit different from Pilates; right, girls?

OK, I know: this ‘truck pull’ footage totally contradicts the rant I had two days ago about insurance companies catering to the lowest common denominator.  Or does it?  Doesn’t it demonstrate that, with good coaching, ANYTHING can be made possible – and safe?