Today's Workout: 012214

Skill practice: :30 seconds in ring support (or locked out front support between boxes) / :30 plank / :30 handstand / :30 overhead squat
Then, for time:
Row 500 meters
50 Wall ball shots 14/20
Row 400 meters
40 Hang Power Snatch 65/95
Row 300 meters
30 “Man On Fire” Burpees
Row 200 meters
20 Man-Makers (push up, row right, push-up, row left, power clean, shoulder to OH)
Row 100 meters
5 muscle ups (sub 15 pull-ups + 15 dips)
We’re slowly building our gymnastics skills. That doesn’t mean we’re preparing you for the 2016 Summer Games; we’re working on balance, supporting your own weight in various positions, damming up our vestibular system, and making you more aware of your extremities. Some might call these coordination, agility, accuracy and balance: four of the ten general skills.
While the rest of the workout is alternating aerobic and anaerobic intervals (your coach will explain those,) the skill work today is primarily concerned with building static strength.
With your joints locked, you can hold more load than while they’re in motion. A locked joint is a stable one, and the faster you humans can achieve lockout, the more weight you can lift. We illustrated that point yesterday in the split jerk.
But lockout isn’t infallible, and it isn’t infinite, either. Eventually, you’ll be unable to hold a joint in locked out position. The potential for failure means it’s trainable. And training your lockout position will make it easier to achieve, which trickles down into the other lifts.
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