Today's Workout: 020514

“It’s the endorphins.” photo by Katie Griffin.

Before you get your first coffee, eat breakfast, or do anything else, today is Live Like An Athlete week. The first challenge:
5 minutes of challenging exercise (must induce sweating)
1 big glass of water.
Sample ‘WakeUp WOD’ (choose one):
10 pushups / 10 situps / 10 squats / 10 hollow rocks – 4 rounds, not timed
20 Sun Salutations
Today’s Workout:
20 minutes of mobility
Then, AMRAP in 15:00:

  • 5x box jump (30in/24in)
  • 10x hang power snatch (95#/65#)
  • 30x double unders

10 minutes of static stretching / manipulation.
What makes 3-on-1-off the optimal training schedule?
In the earlier iterations of CrossFit, most schedules followed a 3-days-on, 1-day-off program. workouts STILL follow the pattern of a rest day every fourth day, but since client schedules aren’t all the same, most gyms now post a workout every day and assume that work schedules, family schedules, and fatigue will limit the attendance of their members.
Optimal work to rest will change based on:
Nutrition – can your caloric intake support your activity level?
Recovery – it’s not just sitting still. We work to optimize recovery at Sunday Morning Salvation. You can also use tips from MobilityWod, and on weeks that are especially hard (like this one,) we’ll add mobility to the Wednesday workout.
Stress – anxiety and overall ‘busyness’ will limit recovery
Sleep – cycles of deep, uninterrupted sleep are necessary for repair.
According to General Adaptation Syndrome, duration and quality of rest (removal of physical stress) is required to avoid injury. If your performance is decreasing and you’re training hard, or you’re tired all the time, or very tight at the start of a workout, take a day off. Move around-ski or walk outside-but don’t try to smash “Fran.” Come in during Open Gym time and roll out instead. Drink extra water, consume extra protein and carbs. Get back to your best, and then try harder tomorrow.