Today's Workout: 021015

Tabata Pullups (choose your hardest scale)
2010 Midwest Regionals Event #4:
For reps:
5 mins of rowing for calories
4 mins of box jumps for reps
3 mins of hang squat snatches for reps (75/45)
2 mins of wall balls for reps
1 min of handstand pushups for reps

Fit It Forward Challenge #2: Sincerely thank 10 people.
Practice your thankfulness today. Consider your life: who’s helping you? Who’s helped you in the past? Whose intervention, support or inspiration has helped push you to where you are today?
Do they know it?
Thank them. In person is best, a phone call is next, email is still good. Ten times over.
Read, “When Water Comes to You,” written by my good friend Marty Cej.
There’s a photo on the Catalyst Facebook photo stream. Tag yourself in it. Make it your profile picture. When your friend asks what the heck it means, tell them. Maybe we’ll start a landslide:Screen-Shot-2014-02-07-at-10.28.04-AM