Today's Workout: 022216

Strict press 5×5
10 bent over rows (DB or barbell) after every set of strict press
AMRAP in 12:00:
2,4,6,8 etc…
Burpee Box Jumps
Hang squat snatch (75/55)
WHY:Starting out, the smaller sets will make it easy for the body to metabolize the waste produced by the muscles. As the sets get bigger there will be more lactic acid build up than the body can handle making it difficult to continue at a steady pace. The more we train this area the more efficient the body becomes at metabolizing waste and we can then increase the intensity of our workouts. The more fit you are the smoother this workout will go. In a way, you can think of this as training to train. Pushing through workouts like today will help you improve on other workouts later on, the more efficent your body is at metabolizing waste the longer you can go before that heavy muscle feeingl sets in.