Today's Workout: 030716

Max strict press
*after every set, do 3 strict pull-ups
1st min -3 HSPU
2nd min- 1 snatch@ 80% of max
3rd min-6 HSPU
4th min-2 snatches
5th min-9 HSPU
6th min-3 snatches
continues for as long as possible-switch to normal push-ups when you can no longer complete HSPU.
20 Minute Cap
WHY:Similar to last Monday, this workout starts out fairly easy, but after a few rounds the HSPU have increased significantly and the snatches will begin to feel heavy. The snatches are going to tax the CNS (central nervous system) making it a lot harder to get through the HSPU with composure. Training the body to work under stress can apply to every situation in life, when work gets stressful, for example, you can’t sit at your desk and do nothing. You have to keep working. This workout will be as mentally tough as it is physically tough.