Today's Workout: 032113


It's déjà vu all over again. Open Workout 13.3 has been announced and it's a repeat of Open Workout 12.4

Workout 13.3 separates two classic CrossFit workouts — Karen and 30 muscle-ups for time — with 90 double-unders. And you have just 12 minutes to get as many rounds and reps as you can. 

What's different from last year, though, is the special tiebreaker. Just like in 13.1, time must be noted after athletes finish each section of the workout. So, when an athlete finishes 150 wall balls, the judge must mark the time. Same goes for the 90 double-unders and 30 muscle-ups, if the athlete gets there.

We're another step closer to finding the Fittest on Earth. And, we have the unique opportunity to compare athletes' performances year over year on the exact same workout. What has the year of training and eating done for your fitness? Find out this week!

Don't forget to submit your score before 8 p.m., EST Sunday, March 24. No exceptions will be made.

Read the workout description and standards here. Watch an example of avideo submission here.

Entry by punch card at all CrossFit Groups – 7am, noon, and 7pm. Green Army will compete in the 7pm Group and continue until the last shin has been whipped.

Next week (Easter weekend,) we'll host the Open workouts on Thursday as usual, but second attempts will happen at 10am on Saturday instead of noon on Sunday. 

Here's KStarr's advice from last year: