Today's Workout: 032915

15.5 Last Chance Qualifier!
27 Calorie Row
27 Thrusters (95/65)
21 Calorie Row
21 Thrusters
15 Calorie Row
15 Thrusters
9 Calorie Row
9 Thrusters
…for time.
You might feel a bit of pressure…..riiiiight here.
It’s the last workout of the 2015 CrossFit Open. Sorta. Next Friday, we’ll host our traditional “Fight On Friday” event. It will be your last chance to earn points for your Intramural team! Spirit points will play HUGE both today and next Friday, so bring the noise today!
We’ll have a recommended warmup on the board for you today. Make sure you’re ready to go as soon as the heat before yours ends!