Today's Workout: 040110

Crossfit As many pullups as possible

Run 400m.

Repeat for 20:00.  Your goal is as many pullups as possible.  As soon as you drop from the bar, run.

Over 60 entrants for Fight Gone Bad tomorrow!  This could be our biggest event EVER!  Haven't yet signed up or made your $10 contribution?  Click here.

This morning, Coach Coop and Odie will be at Sault College Health and Wellness fair, talking about our new Apprenticeship Program (details released around 10am.) 

And you, a student of excellence, a contemplator of Kaizen?  What's for you to learn today?

Strategy.  Fight Gone Bad strategy, from a number of great sources:

CrossFit Delaware Valley

CrossFit Redmond

'Gaming' FGB – from the discussion community

Rowing strategy for FGB – CrossFit Journal (subscription required)

What's Kaizen?  Continuous self-improvement across broad, general domains. Sounds familiar….